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The History

Morgan Aviation Structures was established in 1993 by David H.Morgan, the PRM and founder of Morgan Aviation Structures Inc. He has 60+ years of hands on experience that grows with every passing year. His passion for aviation all started with his grandmother giving him a toy airplane when he was 10, from then on he has never been far from airplanes.
His hands on start with aircraft was with 637 Air Cadets in 1955. Then he moved to 443 RCAF Reserve Squadron at Station Sea Island as ramp crew for 3 years of summers. That got him in touch with B-25 bomber, Harvard, T-33 Silver Star trainer and F-86 Sabre jets. He even got real close to the RCAF Golden Hawks and their Gold painted Sabres. When he was an adult he got his private pilot's license. Then it was off to the Aeronautics course at BCVS under Cy Tinley. Only 4 of them graduated that year and he was second highest.
Then it was off to PWA for his hands on start on civil aviation. It was literally all over western Canada in big cities and little towns from BC to Ontario. There wasn't much in the small aircraft arena that he has not worked on. The rarest bunch was a Norseman, Hawker Sidley Argosy, Canso, C-46, DC-7, Mooney M-18, Fairchild Husky, Grumman Widgeon plus more. As of today there isn't very many Piper's,Cessna' or other little aircraft he haven't worked on. To answer the question, "What is my favorite aircraft?" His answer would be the Beech Stagger Wing. It is a class act that has never been superseded. Unfortunately he never got to work on one, but hopes to one day.



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